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Welcome to Data Mixology by Giant Partners. My name is Jesse, your Data Mixologist, here to give you some straight-up data science. I wanted to share with you my favorite recipe for a killer Friday Happy Hour drink – The Cuba Libre. In the YouTube video below, I’ll talk about data mixology fundamentals as we work on our bartending skills together. Follow along with me to create the perfect Cuba Libre and the perfect database, just in time for your Friday afternoon happy hour.

perfect marketing database

Cuba Libre Ingredients:

1 oz of Soda
2 oz of Rum
4 oz of Coca Cola
½ a Lime
Serve over Ice

Let’s Mix a Cuba Libre!

Watch our first episode of Data Mixology below:

Demographic Double

First of all, your main ingredient in this cocktail recipe is rum, and in a database, it would be the demographics. It’s your main base and includes income, gender, and age. Now at Giant Partners, we don’t like aged data, so we’re not using any old four-year-old data on our lists. However, we do like an aged rum for our drink. That is the basis of your cocktail, so we’re going to put a lot of that in there.

Sean O'Neal - President at Onclusive

Sean O'Neal - President at Onclusive

According to Sean O’Neal, President at Onclusive,  the key to making any database perfect lies in the amount of time and effort you put into working with it. The reason for this is that it is useless to have up-to-date information on your leads if you are not continuously making contact with them, either to promote yourself and your services or to ask for business.

Psychographic Bubbles

Next, we’re going to look at some psychographic information represented by some Coke or Pepsi, depending on your taste. Psychographic information is hobbies & interests, personality, and values. Do you like to watch sports? Do you like to go out and ride a bike? Do you like jogging? Do you like hiking?

David Zhang - CEO of Kate Backdrop

David Zhang - CEO of Kate Backdrop

According to David Zhang, CEO of Kate Backdrop, The key to creating a successful marketing database lies in understanding your psychographic information, such as hobbies, lifestyle, and interests. Without this knowledge, you won’t be able to create a database that will effectively capture the attention of the right target audience.

Lifestyle Soda

Then, we sprinkle in a bit of lifestyle data, and in this case we’re going to use some club soda. Lifestyle includes way of life, culture, and society. Do you live in the suburbs or do you live on a farm? What kind of ads do you want to see based on your current situation?

How To Make a Perfect Marketing Database in 2022

How to Make a Perfect Marketing Database According to the study done by the Harvard Business Review, there are five essential components of a perfect marketing database.

Those are the three main ingredients you mix to get your perfect database, and then go out there and do some marketing. Then we’ll put a little bit of responder information. In general, responder information is like, “Hey, I respond to travel ads, or I respond to car ads.” Some guys really like cars and buy a lot of them. It correlates very well with our data mixology here today.

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