Giovanni Barile

Chief Executive Officer

Sheldon Katz

Chief Operating Officer

Terri Perdone

Vice President of Finance
Human Resources

Scott Adams

Chief Technical Officer

Jesse Simms

Vice President of
Data Strategy & Operations

Eddie Hren

Vice President of Sales

Rick Wilson

List Portal Director

Carl Ball

Digital Sales Director

Liz Sayle

Lead Programmer

Juan Zendejas

Data Processing

Vince Barile

Senior Sales

Wally Moore

Senior Sales

Jessica Savvy

Digital Marketing Director

Joshua Hensel

Digital Marketing

Daniel De Mattos

Creative Director

Phil Muze

Front End Developer

Erica Barile

Client Relations Director

Dalton Francis

Project Manager

Nicole Pinto


Steve Huffman

Senior Sales

Candice Curtis

Senior Sales

Zach Miller

Senior Sales

Tommy Nguyen

Data Processing

Kenneth Baggish

Business Development Rep

Siham Bourquia

Marketing Associate in Fulfillment

Devin Eggert

Executive Assistant

Terry Taylor

Digital Sales Associatefor RankGiant

Cody Segal

Sales for ListGiant

Nellida Bobiraca

Data Processor

Jeremy Koenig

President of Digital Strategy

Steve Page

Vice President of Digital Strategy

Corey Weissman

Senior Sales

Torri Hutson

Executive Assistant

Karen Kane


Kellie Gray


Nikki Mantuano

Executive Assistant