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The goal of email is to avoid the junk folder and get prospects to click your link.
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The goal of email is to avoid the junk folder and get prospects to click your link.


Email Design and Code Optimization

Email marketing is entirely about getting prospects to open emails and click links. Emails must be easy to read on smartphones, tablets and computers as approximately half of all emails are opened on a mobile device.

The best email campaigns are tailored to the occupation/interests of prospects with:

Personalized and dynamic fields
Clear and compelling call-to-action
Brief message with as few words as possible
Mobile responsive design (adjusts to screen siz

Spam trap words/terms/symbols such as “free”, “!”,  “$”, and “click here” should be avoided under all circumstances as they will decimate results.

Email Wave Management

When sending out thousands of emails at once it is vital to inbox deliverability that emails are sent in waves. Companies should never send out more than 25,000 emails at once.

The goal of email wave management is to ensure that messages avoid spam folders. Bulk messages must be sent from a warmed IP address and warmed sending domain.

Best Practice: Send out email waves from a warmed email subdomain (a variant of your company website – like giantpartnersusa.com) on a shared IP address that is managed by a team of email compliance experts.

A/B Testing with Full and Lite HTML Variations

Studies have shown that 50% of emails are opened based on subject line alone. Every email campaign should test multiple subject lines during the first wave of sending. The winning subject line is then used for remaining waves.

Additionally, Lite HTML email variations with minimal copy, links and images can be sent to prospects that received the Full HTML email but did not open it. Theses emails should look and feel like a personal message from a member of your team.

These best practices more than double overall email click and open performance.


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