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Database Marketing

Q. Where does Giant Partners marketing data come from?

A. Giant Partners consumer and business data is aggregated from more than 250 sources of reliable and up-to-date of information, including public record compilations, business credit and financial compilations, annual reports, SEC filings, utility data, investor research, title company records, utility and new phone connections, as well as the licensing in entirety of databases offered by conventional compilers.

Q. Do I gain acces to my marketing database?

A. Yes! Marketing databases can be exported in five primary formats: Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Google Advertising, Telemarketing, and Direct Mail. Standard B2C list output fields include: Name, Phone, Email, Address, Job title, Interests, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Net income, Net worth, Current vehicle, Home value, Marital status, Children. Standard B2B list output fields include: Business name, Website URL, Social media profile, Industry, Employee number, Sales volume, Years in business, Contact name, Job title, Contact email, Contact phone.

Q. How long does it take to build a marketing database for direct targeting?

A. It typically takes 3-5 days to generate a hyper targeted and comprehensive prospect lead list that fits your specific criteria for a qualified lead. Marketing databases are modeled based on buyer persona profiles, lookalike audiences, demographic filters, geographical ranges and more.

Q. Does Giant Partners share customer data?

A. No! Customer data is never shared or sold. Giant Partners uses voluntarily submitted customer data to build lookalike audiences to model consumer profiles for database marketing. Once a project is complete a notarized certificate of data destruction is available upon request. Please view our Data Protection Policy to learn more.

Q. What is a lookalike audience?

A. Lookalike audiences are generated by list algorithms that compare consumer behavior based on demographic variables such as income, location, age, ethnicity, interests, psychographics and more. Lookalike audience targeting results in increased lead volume, decreased lead costs, and increased lead quality. Lookalike audiences can be uploaded into email, social media, and search platforms for enhanced marketing database performance.

Q. Is Giant Partners data opt-in?
A. Yes! All Giant Partners data is third-party opt in. Prospect data is sourced from a myriad of sites and platforms through partnerships with hundreds of list providers and affiliates. We add more than 15 million new B2B and B2C prospects to our database each month. Prospect data originates from online sources such as: quote forms, order forms, purchase forms, sweepstake forms, and more. While submitting contact information online, individuals agree to receive offers from affiliates and third parties.

Brand Creation

Q. What is included in a brand creation package?

A. Each brand creation package includes a combination of logo variations (square, horizontal, reversed) , color identification (3 swatches), font selection  (web and print), stock photography (10 images), social media and google ad templates (text, image), and email templates (html and personal).

Q. Do I get to keep native artwork files?

A. Yes! Once a brand creation project is complete we deliver to you a ZIP file containing all native artwork (EPS, PSD, and/or AI) for logos, ads, templates, and stock photography that we’ve created for your campaign.

Website Development

Q. After you build my website do I have access to make edits?

A. Yes! After we have completed a website design, we train our customers how to manage their website using their content management system (CMS). We do not manage website updates for our customers after site implementation.

Q. What type of websites do you build?

A. We build custom WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify websites based on the specific needs of customers. Each website design is constructed to integrate with social media and review sites, maximize conversions across each channel and device, and make it easy for customers to manage content.

Q. Do you manage websites on a monthly basis?

A. No. We do not offer ongoing website management as a service. However, we do ongoingly manage/post new evergreen content, blog articles, case studies and resources based on the specific SEO strategies we implement for our customers.


Q. How many keywords do you focus on?

A. We analyze the competitive landscape for each of our customers and identify the top SEO terms that can be ranked for on the first page of Google. We then work on term(s) that will yield the largest increase in site traffic in the shortest amount of time. Once your website ranks on the first page of organic search, we move on to the next most opportunistic keyword.

Q. What are evergreen pages?

A. Evergreen pages are search engine optimized pages on your website that are designed to rank on the first page of Google for high traffic keywords. Content is updated regularly and ongoingly linked to by external websites and online influencers. First page rankings are typically achieved within 3-6 months.

Q. How do we help websites get backlinks from authoritative sites?

A. Giant Partners will recommend industry specific online influencer networks. We will also recommend offers that can be given away to subscribers/followers in return for links to your evergreen content. This is the best way to increase SEO rankings.

Content Marketing

Q. How much do I have to be involved in content creation?

A. Customers are responsible for providing copy in raw/draft form. We then take your direction and start content creation based on our best practices for maximum downloads and participation. We are not the expert of your business… you are!

Q. Do I get to keep designed creatives?

A. Yes! After content creation your team will receive a ZIP file containing native artwork (EPS, PSD and/or AI) for infographics, eBooks, webinars/podcasts, case studies, videos, press releases and blog articles.

Q. How long does content take to design?

A. Depending on the complexity of the content creation, we recommend planning for a two week design and revision process for collateral. For timely delivery, we allow for a maximum of 3 rounds of revisions.

Email Marketing

Q. What platform do you use to send email?

A. Giant partners deploys email marketing campaigns though our own email sending platform. We can deliver tens of thousands of emails at once as well as automate personalized one-off messages on behalf of our customers.

Q. What is a warmed email sending domain?

A. Giant Partners warms up an email sending domain for each email marketing customer. This ensures maximum inboxing and protects your primary domain from any/all email sending issues.

Q. Does Giant Partners send email from a shared IP address?

A. Yes!  We deploy email marketing messages high performing IP addresses with A+ sending scores. This is one of many factors that ensures your messages do not end up in junk folders.

Social Media Advertising

Q. How do you target prospects on social media?

A. The Meta ad manager (which is used to manage advertising spend across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger) allows you to upload lists of social media advertising prospects to specifically target online. We upload and target proprietary marketing databases to ensure that customer ads only appear in the feeds of target audiences. This increases the quality of leads while decreasing costs.

Q. Is social media ad spend included in my package?

A. No. You set up your own credit card inside the ad manager that is tied to your Meta business account. You pay us a flat fee to manage your social media advertising budget. In most cases, our team of experts is able to reduce your cost per conversion by half or more. Unlike other marketing agencies, we do not take a percentage of your overall ad spend but rather are incentivized to reduce costs and increase quality of leads.

Q. What is messenger marketing? What is a chatbot?

A. Messenger marketing is the third largest social media advertising network (behind Facebook #1 and Instagram #2 – in front of Twitter #4). Individuals who join your Messenger by clicking a link can be sent text messages with dynamic content in real time. Additionally, communications can be automated with a chatbot to simulate a live chat experience, answer questions, give out promo codes, book appointments and more!

Q. Do you manage ongoing social media posting?

A. No. We do not offer social media management services. We recommend to all our customers that this responsibility be kept in-house so that posts can be raw and real. On occasion, we will post links to new content, promotions and evergreen pages on behalf of our customers as a part of campaign management.

Google Advertising

Q. What is pay-per-click?

A. Pay-per-click advertising is a way for your company to pay to be listed at the top of Google and Bing search rankings for specific terms in  target markets. PPC costs are based when, where and how competitive a search term is.

Q. Is Google/Bing ad spend included in my package?

A. No. You set up your own credit card inside your Google ad manager and Bing ad manager accounts which are used for PPC advertising, display retargeting, and YouTube commercials. You pay us a flat fee to manage your Google/Bing advertising budget. In most cases, our team of experts is able to reduce your cost per conversion by half or more. Unlike most agencies, we do not take a percentage of your ad spend but rather are incentivized to reduce costs and increase quality of leads.

Q. What is retargeting?

A. When a visitor goes to your website a Google/Bing/Facebook tracking pixel can be automatically embedded on their browser. Google/Bing/Facebook then allows you to control what paid image and video ads they see on third party websites, social media as well as on YouTube.

Lead Generation

Q. What is included in marketing automation?

A. Each lead generation package includes a combination of mobile responsive secure landing pages, dynamic lead forms, real-time lead notifications, campaign performance dashboards, CRM integration, Google Analytics, bulk email sending platform, warmed email domain, and drip communications.

Q. Will marketing automation work with my CRM?

A. Marketing automation will connect with any cloud based CRM. If you have a premise based or proprietary CRM marketing data must be imported manually. In most cases leads can be automatically created within any CRM when a form is submitted or an action is taken online. This ensures that you are able to correlate closed/won sales with leads that are generated from digital marketing campaigns.

Q. What is a marketing qualified lead (MQL) and sales qualified lead (SQL)?

A. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) are created when customers show interest in a product or service by visiting a webpage, clicking a link, or submitting a form. A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a customer that specifically requests to be followed up by a sales representative. The triggers for these customer lifecycle stages can be configured within your marketing automation.


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