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Reach leads with custom audience selects across PPC, retargeting and YouTube
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Reach leads with custom audience selects across PPC, retargeting and YouTube


Lower PPC Costs while Dramatically Increasing Lead Quality

Google enables businesses to pay to be listed at the top search results. Each keyword/search term has a different cost based on: search volume, geographical range, and competition.

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The most skilled Google Ad Managers:

  • Identify the best keywords and properly target audiences
  • Capture search intentions and run effective experiments
  • Optimize conversion rates with strategic bidding strategies

Best Practice: Set a percentage goal to lower cost-per-conversion. Then gradually scale your ad budget over weeks and months.

Did You Know? Google requires $50,000 in all-time ad spend to upload custom audience lists.

Optimize Google Budgets for Impressions, Clicks and Conversions

Once Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics have been properly configured your company can optimize daily, weekly, and monthly ad spend budgets to maximize:

  • Leads who see your ads (impressions)
  • Leads who click your ads (clicks)
  • Leads who fill out your forms (conversions)

Best Practice: Ensure that tracking pixels are properly installed and conversions are being accurately measured. Then create performance goals for each campaign.

Did You Know? The best ad managers decrease lead costs from month-to-month while increasing conversion rates

Retargeting with Banner Ads and YouTube Commercials

Retargeting is the Most Cost Effective Way to Spend Your Google Advertising Budget Once you’ve installed the Google tracking pixel, you can retarget anyone who visits your website with Google banner ads and YouTube commercials.

If you’ve ever noticed online advertisements across the internet for websites that you’ve recently visited, you’ve been retargeted.

Best Practice: If someone visits your pricing page and does not make a purchase within a week, show ads promoting a limited time discount code. Similarly, if someone visits a landing page and does not fill out the form, show banner and video ads that reinforce the importance of your call-to-action. 

Did You Know? YouTube is owned by Google and all YouTube advertising is managed within the Google Ad Manager.


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