Top 5 coronavirus marketing best practices to survive and thrive


Businesses across the globe are scrambling to implement coronavirus marketing to survive and thrive during these crazy and unprecedented times. After extensive research of the best and brightest brands we have compiled a practical list of the top 5 essential coronavirus marketing best practices that your company can implement quickly to evolve and achieve success.

Coronavirus marketing best practice #1
Let the world know that you are open for business

It is of paramount importance that businesses let all customers know that they are “Open for Business“. Marketers must figure out how to reach every customer across each digital marketing channel.

Here is a handy list of the most popular cononavirus marketing channels that all companies should be strategically implementing to reach customers and drive performance.

Email Marketing

  • Business Email (
  • Personal Email (

Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Web Search Advertising

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Bing

Fact… Your customers are on their mobile devices, tablets and personal computers more today than ever before.

Rhett Stubbendeck - CEO of LeverageRx

Rhett Stubbendeck - CEO of LeverageRx

According to Rhett Stubbendeck, CEO of LeverageRx, it certainly does help to attract customers and create a better business image. It conveys a sense of reliance to the customers and promises better service even in hard times.

When customers are engaged simultaneously across multiple communication channels they are 400% more likely to respond to your call-to-action.

Coronavirus marketing best practice #2
focus on brand loyalty

Customers love your brand! Your products and services inherently provide so much more value than anything that can be generically purchased on Amazon. Companies with strong brands and established reputations should focus on what they can do that Amazon cannot.

 Key Differentiators

  • Guaranteed product quality
  • World-class sales support and customer service
  • Extended warranties

Remember… Each differentiator listed above creates purchasing confidence in products and services.

Rene Delgado - CEO at Shop Indoor Golf

Rene Delgado - CEO at Shop Indoor Golf

According to Rene Delgado, CEO at Shop Indoor Golf, you should start selling your wares on the internet and directly to consumers. There has been a dramatic increase in the volume of business conducted via the Internet.

Branding is more important today than ever before. Your name, logo and overall style matters to customers and is often the main factor in their choice to buy your products.

Coronavirus marketing best practice #3
promote special discounts

It is vital for every coronavirus marketing campaign to promote compelling special discounts and opportunities that give customers a reason to click your link and take advantage of your limited time offer.

Campaign Tips

  • ABC test discount variations across each advertising channel to figure out what works
  • Adjust your communication strategy and ad spend in real-time based on results
  • Iterate on special discounts based on performance data that you accumulate

Remember… Marketing teams must test promotions until they find special discounts that customers cannot resist.

Ryan Knoll - Owner of Tidy Casa

Ryan Knoll - Owner of Tidy Casa

According to Ryan Knoll, Owner of Tidy Casa,  In this, companies are promoting themselves by giving additional service, free visits and discounts on products.

Revenues should be reconciled with the marketing channel and content type that were responsible for the origination of the lead that resulted in a sale.

Coronavirus marketing best practice #4
provide special financing options

It is imparative that businesses give customers an easy way to buy now and pay later. Companies that do not provide special financing options will most likely lose out to competitors.

Popular Financing Options

  • Extended payment terms
  • Zero interest
  • Limited time financing

Give customers the inspiration they need to make purchases right away.

Percy Grunwald - Co-founder of hosting data

Percy Grunwald - Co-founder of hosting data

According to Percy Grunwald, Co-founder of hosting data, This gives customers the inspiration they need to make purchases right away. Popular financing options include extended payment terms, zero interest, and limited-time financing.

Create scarcity by providing financing options for a limited time only. Give customers a reason to invest in your products and services before the deal is gone.

Coronavirus marketing best practice #5
create a culture of video chat

Companies that create and embrace of culture of video chat during the coronavirus pandemic will set themselves apart from competition.

While video chat may be initially uncomfortable for some, you will find that creating this culture will increase overall employee performance and customer experience.

Video Chat Essentials

  • Customer support (1-to-1)
  • Staff communications (Group)
  • Training and guides (Recorded)
  • Live webinars (Produced)

Remember… 80% of communication is non-verbal and video chat is most modern way of communicating efficiently.

Rebeca Tms - specialist for Branding Design Pro

Rebeca Tms - specialist for Branding Design Pro

According to Rebeca Tms, specialist for Branding Design Pro, Many businesses are turning to virtual events, webinars, and other digital initiatives to connect with customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers don’t care how you like to communicate. Do everything in your power to text, call, email, or video chat according to customer preferences.


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