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Position your company as an industry thought leader and trusted resource.
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Position your company as an industry thought leader and trusted resource.


Infographics and eBooks

The goal of free content downloads is to drive Marketing Qualified Leads for your sales team. 50% of closed sales begin as MQLs.

Infographics make it as easy as possible for your customers to understand your mission, business and products. The best infographics are downloaded via email, shared via social media and re-posted by industry influencers.

Similarly, eBooks provide a deep dive into what your company is all about and how your product works. The best eBooks shorten sales cycles as they overcome common objections while positioning your company as superior to your competitors.

Webinars and Video

Raw video is often the most valuable form of content that a company can create because it is perceived as authentic by potential customers.

Webinars are the #1 way to create an inventory of video content while giving potential customers the opportunity to engage with you live. The best webinars capture:

New product highlights
Customer testimonies
Answers to FAQs

Smartphones, YouTube and Facebook Live make it easy for any company, large or small, to showcase products and services with video.

Webinars are also one of the best ways to create Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for follow up.

Blog Articles, Case Studies and Press Releases

Every company needs steady stream of new content on their website. More than ever, it is easy for thought leaders to publish expert opinions and ideas in a live blog feed.

Every time you have a successful customer, you should publish a case study to your website. Case studies are the most commonly requested resource from prospects who are speaking to sales reps. Case studies should be tagged for easy sorting and searching.

Online companies should also make regular press releases through paid or free distribution sites. Press releases are a great way to legitimize your brand and are most typically used to announce new team members, product launches, and upcoming customer promotions.


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