Data Mixology | St. Patrick’s Day Jungle Juice | Stirring Up a Strong Data Model


Why stirring up a strong data model during St. Patrick’s Day Jungle Juice?

When it comes to data modeling, there are a few key ingredients that go into making a strong model. In this post, we’ll discuss three of the most important aspects of data modeling: Data Mixology, Data Quality, and Data Governance.


Data mixology is all about taking data from different sources and blending it together to create a new, unified data set. This can be done manually, but it’s often automated using data integration tools. The goal of data mixology is to take data from multiple sources and combine it into a single, coherent view.

Data quality is all about ensuring that the data you’re working with is accurate and free of errors. Data quality assurance (DQA) is the process of verifying and validating the accuracy of data. Data governance is the process of ensuring that your data meets all of the requirements for accuracy, completeness, security, and compliance.


When it comes to creating a strong data model, these three aspects are essential. Data mixology ensures that your data is coming from multiple sources, Data quality ensures that your data is accurate, and Data governance ensures that your data meets all of the requirements for security and compliance. By taking these three aspects into consideration, you can be sure that your data model is strong and will stand up to the rigors of real-world use.

You may be wondering what is the connection of St. Patricks Day Welcome to Data Mixology by Giant Partners. My name is Jesse, your Data Mixologist, here to give you some straight-up data science. I wanted to share a fun St. Patrick’s Day drink by @thetipsybartender to get you in the mood to celebrate this popular Irish holiday! In the YouTube video below, I’ll talk about top tips data mixology fundamentals as we work on our bartending skills together. Follow along with me to mix up a green jungle juice and the perfect lookalike audience, just in time for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

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strong data model

Data Mixology: Jungle Juice Ingredients:

Lime, Orange, & Apple Slices
Irish Whiskey 25 oz. 
Melon Liqueur 25 oz. 
Blue Curacao 10 oz. 
Sour Apple Pucker 25 oz. 
Apple Juice 64 oz. 
Green Apple Soda 40 oz.

Let’s Stir Up This Data Model!

Watch our St. Patrick’s Day Episode Below:

Basic Data, Make it Fruity

The first three elements of a strong lookalike audience of Data Mixology will be represented by the fruit portion of this recipe and represent income, diversity, and education. Here the lime slices represent the age, which is usually listed out in ranges. Orange slices or ethnic groups give you background information and some insight into family or community affiliations. We also want to add apple slices, or the education level of that particular segment starting with high school completion, then any additional degrees or certifications.

Data Green Juice

The sour apple pucker brings in that sour kick. In terms of data, this is what makes up your data subjects’ everyday life, like their current occupation and marital status. To sweeten the deal with some melon liqueur, we need to look at income levels. Almost all data models contain information about cash inflows that can help determine how much of that income can come your way.

Pay me in Jameson

Of course, you can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without some Irish Whiskey, and Jameson is the go-to. Credit scores can be a reason to bring on the whiskey. In terms of data, this is information that determines eligibility so it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Got Gold Coins?

So how many gold coins is our leprechaun really worth? In this case, the apple juices represent our net worth element. Networth is typically positively correlated to home value so the two elements go hand-in-hand. Lastly, to darken the situation, let’s add the blue curaçao or Loss of Revenue information. Negative cash flows may put a damper on the shiny drink, but an honest look at revenue losses is essential to any helpful data model and creating that dark green color to finish off our jungle juice.

The Perfect Lookalike Audience

Those are the main ingredients to stir up a strong lookalike audience and then go out there and do some marketing. The point is to create a robust data model that includes all the relevant information on your audience to ensure you’re reaching the right people for your product or service.

Grab a Drink with Giant Partners

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