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Should you use SMS vs. Email Marketing? Welcome to Digital Marketing Duels! In today’s episode of Digital Marketing Duels, two marketing experts will be debating about should email marketing or SMS marketing. The rules are simple. This is a debate. Each opponent is going to be given the opportunity to introduce themselves, their main point, and a rebuttal against their opponent’s argument. Let’s get started!

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Get ready to duel!

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Amazing or Annoying?

Erica: Email marketing works. SMS, text messaging, my opinion no thank you. I hate SMS text messages so badly. I get them every day, I don’t know why I don’t opt-out. I swipe them and say go away because you are not my mom, not my friend, you are not anyone I know. I use text messaging to communicate with people, not receive ads. If I click on your ad it’s an accident because I thought you were someone I knew. So stop bothering me and I’m sorry I signed up with you, to begin with!

Steve: That’s a good point. Email is pretty good if you actually saw it. People’s inboxes right now are so crowded, so cluttered there is no way you’re going to cut through that noise. SMS gets right to your eyeballs, right to your face, and you can interact with it right then and there. The rates are crazy for engagement, over 90%.

Erica: Yeah but what about the rates you have to pay to advertise via SMS vs. email marketing. It’s way cheaper to do email marketing rather than SMS.

Steve: SMS is getting cheaper and cheaper year by year. It’s only a few cents, sometimes even a tenth of a cent just to send a text message and when you can almost guarantee you’re going to get someone’s eyeballs for your event or sale, it’s worth the money.

SMS vs. Email Marketing

Events Only?

Erica: Well yeah I’ll agree with you on the event thing. If I buy a ticket, if I’m going to a concert I want to get a text message reminding me about the event so I can click on it and say, hey here’s my ticket. That’s phenomenal! Okay, I’ll give you that. But for every day offers, no, I’m getting a text when I’m driving. Stop it! Stop texting me! I will wait until I get home to click on my email, click the link, go to your pretty website, look at your promo, and maybe buy that dress or those shoes or whatever offer you have going on. I’ll do it in my time and I know that sale will be going on all day vs. ‘omg I have to click this text right now otherwise that sale is going away.’ No, it’s not! The urgency thing is more harm than good in my opinion.

Steve: Yeah I agree with you there because some companies don’t know what the f*** they’re doing with SMS marketing. It’s intrusive, it gets in your face! But if you’re doing it the right way you’ll be able to get your message to the right person at the right time. We’re seeing amazing rates for events, attendance rates increase by 50% if you send a text message reminder and you can’t get that with an email. When we skip out on that SMS reminder the attendance rates plummet, so imagine how much revenue you’re losing if you don’t send that text. Texting is a must-have in this day and age.

To Text or Not to Text?

Erica: Alright so I think we can agree on this ‘events’ thing. Hole-in-One on the SMS text marketing success. That’s the way to do it for events, that’s going to increase attendance. Absolutely, it’s because I have already purchased this item I’m going to attend something, I need to, there’s a sense of urgency there, so the text is warranted. If an email comes in about it yeah you’re probably going to miss it. There are a lot of email messages that come in every day but hey I don’t mind, I’ve subscribed to all of those emails and I will click on them when I want to. If I want to delete one it doesn’t mean I’m unsubscribing. It allows me, the consumer, the freedom to look and click when I want to and I don’t mind being hit up everyday by those companies. I mean I’m eventually probably going to buy a product from them so it’s worth it for them to hit me up every day. But that text thing, it’s just too aggressive I don’t think I’ll ever buy into it I’m sorry. Not sorry actually.

Steve: Basically, the conclusion here is that you have to do both. You’re going to get people that interact with email, you’re going to get people that interact with SMS. You’re going to get people who like it, who hate one or the other, so you gotta do both. If you want to do it the right way, talk to us at Giant Partners. We’ll show you how to do it the right way, at the right time, and at the right people.

Who Won?

Compelling arguments on both sides! Is your company currently using SMS or email marketing, or a combination of both? What works better in your experience? At the end of the day, whether you use email marketing or SMS marketing, it is important to make data-driven decisions. Comment below who you think won the debate!

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