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Get ranked on the first page for high traffic search terms in your market.
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Get ranked on the first page for high traffic search terms in your market.


Keyword and Search Term Discovery

The #1 way to drive sales qualified leads from your website is to rank on the first page of Google for high traffic search terms that relate to your products and services.

Every company should know the top search terms that customers search for online.

The best SEO strategies identify the highest volume search terms that have the lowest amount of competition.

Once you have identified the terms you want to focus on increasing your rankings for, you can estimate how much time, talent and budget you need to spend on search engine optimization.

Evergreen Page Management

Today, the Google search algorithm ranks websites primarily based on:

External links from high authority websites
Content that is trending and relevant
Domain structure, content length and age

Old SEO techniques like meta tag editing, keyword saturation, and internal link structuring have almost no effect on search rankings.

The most effective way to increase overall website traffic is to build evergreen pages. These pages are specifically designed to rank over time for high-traffic competitive keywords

Evergreen content is updated regularly and ongoingly linked to by external websites.

Online Influencer Outreach

The importance of online influencer outreach to authors, bloggers, and personalities cannot be overstated. One good link from a single website that has a high domain authority can make your website rankings jump overnight.

Every company should be very intentional about building relationships with other websites that can provide valuable back links.

Pro Tip: Reach out to online influencers and offer them free educational content like infographics, ebooks and webinars that they can give away to their followers. In return they will link back to evergreen pages.


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