Messenger Chatbot Marketing: The Definitive Guide


Ever wondered why or how messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. got so popular in the last few years? In fact, these messaging apps have even managed to dethrone social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to become people’s favorite.

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What exactly led to this extraordinary change?

It’s not that their friends don’t hang out on social media networks anymore; it’s because social media is now being overrun with ads. People are being sold to more on social media than they are actually being social.


Ads launched by digital marketers & businesses like you and me. And the big corporations too. Facebook, which was once a place for people to make new acquaintances and reconnect with old friends, has now become a major marketing platform. A marketing platform that’s been slowly driving away its users. If you log into Facebook today, all you will see are memes, videos, news posts, and advertisements. Who the heck sees posts made by their friends anymore?

In short it’s safe to say that most of what we call “Social Media” has become a place to consume content rather than interact and build relationships. And as expected, people shifted to a new way to connect with their friends and family. Connect, not by publicly liking, commenting, or sharing stuff, but by using chat apps that allow them to have the much wanted 1-on-1 conversations. This is where messenger chatbot marketing come in!

The benefits of chatbot marketing are numerous. Because chatbots never get tired or need a break, they can provide 24/7 customer support. They can also handle large volumes of inquiries at one time, which means your customers will never have to wait for a response. Contact Giantpartners today to learn more about how chatbots can help you attract and retain customers.

What in the world is a messenger bot?!

Yeah, a messenger bot is exactly what it sounds like… a bot for Messenger.

“Wait a minute! Do you mean to say that we can even automate our conversations now?”

Well, yeah, given how automation technology has been progressing, are you even surprised?

Believe it or not, there is a thriving community of messenger bot developers and users on Facebook. Even though this concept is pretty new to Facebook, or even online marketing in general, the promise it shows as an effective marketing tool is astounding!

A messenger bot is practically a small but complex piece of code connected to a Facebook page that makes having conversations with its subscribers easier. That means you can use these crafty little tools to personalize messages and offer better content, or resources to convert a subscriber into a customer. And all of this without staying awake late at nights responding to prospects or spending money on an assistant to do the job.

It all happens automatically, without you even lifting a finger. 

So, as you can understand, using messenger bots can be a great way to automate your prospecting, nurture leads, and convert them into customers.

This sounds too good to be true.

Nope, it isn’t! Many businesses and nonprofits could be cashing in this opportunity to fulfill their business goals. And you can do it too, no doubt. Using Facebook messenger is the best way to get started for two reasons:

1) Facebook has the highest number of audience among all the social media platforms

2) Facebook is actively contributing to the rise of messenger craze as business utility software. Facebook has launched tools that people can use to easily create bot experiences that truly take interaction and emersion to the next level.

How popular is Facebook messenger?

Experts estimate that over 1.2 billion people use Facebook messenger alone. Every month! That’s 1.2 billion people chatting, sending pictures, videos, and building relationships. Don’t you think he should capitalize on this opportunity?

But wait; there’s more:

The number of people using messenger is also expected to rise as more people around the world get access to the Internet.

What do people talk about?

Here’s a hint: NOT just about their daily lives.

People even talk business, and prefer talking to businesses and brands through chat instead of the regular old email or long minded customer service channels. There are currently 100,000 active bots on messenger and their number is growing every day as businesses realize their marketing potential.

Facebook Messenger Users
Source: Techcrunch

1.3 Billion

Messages Sent through Facebook Messenger


Active Messenger Bots on Facebook
Source: Venture Beat

53% of people

more likely to buy whne they can message directly

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Messenger 2.0: the game changer!

Before Messenger 2.0 came along, the app was mostly about sharing texts and images. As engaging as that might have been the back in the days, Facebook realized the platforms and their potential and introduced updates to make the bots much more useful. Messenger 2.0 brought tons of new interactive elements that allow users to craft unique experiences for each and every potential customer. If you’re a messenger user, you can now do the following things to grow the business:

  • Automate follow up and promotional messages
  • Handle a multitude of customer service requests
  • Schedule appointments automatically
  • Communicate the latest news or updates coming from your brand

How does Facebook make this possible? By giving complete access to their audience data, including age, employment status, behavior, in order to help you mould every message you need to the audience’s traits. Messenger 2.0, in many ways, has been a game changer for how people see messaging apps and marketing channels in general. It would be interesting to see how this tool evolves from here on out.

Messenger 2.0: the game changer!

Before Messenger 2.0 came along, the app was mostly about sharing texts and images. As engaging as that might have been the back in the days, Facebook realized the platforms and their potential and introduced updates to make the bots much more useful. Messenger 2.0 brought tons of new interactive elements that allow users to craft unique experiences for each and every potential customer. If you’re a messenger user, you can now do the following things to grow the business:

  • Automate follow up and promotional messages
  • Handle a multitude of customer service requests
  • Schedule appointments automatically
  • Communicate the latest news or updates coming from your brand

How does Facebook make this possible? By giving complete access to their audience data, including age, employment status, behavior, in order to help you mould every message you need to the audience’s traits. Messenger 2.0, in many ways, has been a game changer for how people see messaging apps and marketing channels in general. It would be interesting to see how this tool evolves from here on out.

But what happened to email marketing?

Look, email marketing is not dead, and it’s likely not going away anytime soon. It’s just that reaching out via email is not as great as it used to be for lead generation anymore.

Consider this scenario: two friends send you messages – one via messenger and another through email – to whom are you likely to respond first?

We’d wager that it is going to be the friend that uses messenger.


Because messages sent through chat apps are not only more personal but come off as urgent as well.

Let’s face it; it’s harder to ignore the notification sounds of Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp than a new email pop-up.

Like it or not, statistics clearly indicate that email marketing is on a decline.

And the reason is simple: too many people are trying to sell their stuff when very few are interested.

Just take a look at your inbox and you will find tons of messages from companies, marketers, newsletters, offers, etc. from businesses that are of no interest to you.

Looking through underline emails can get incredibly overwhelming, to say the least. Take a look at the younger generation: the likes that use Instagram or Snapchat to communicate – do you think there will be remotely interested in reading long paragraphs sent via email?

Of course not! Messenger, however, is likely to get a youngster’s attention because that’s where his/her friends hang out.

Email Marketing

On average, you’re looking at open rates of 17-28% for email and 3% click through rates..

Messenger Chatbot Marketing

Messenger Bots that on average get between an 80%-90% open rate and 30% click through rate.

How Messenger Chatbot Marketing is Changing the Face of Business Marketing

Marketing is all about getting your audience to focus where you want. And using Messenger is an excellent way to capture their attention in their own personal space. Let’s put it this way: when other marketers are shouting and banging at the door from outside just to be let in the house, you’re already having dinner and exchanging pleasantries with your potential subscribers.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer service. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new chatbot messenger feature. With this new tool, you can easily get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. Simply type in your question or concern, and the chatbot will connect you with the right person.

That’s the Messenger difference! It doesn’t matter what you got on offer.

The perfect marketing strategy will make it easier for you to give out coupons, a trial, or a consultation call. Messenger marketing does not only connect people with your offer but makes it incredibly easy to nurture leads and convert them into customers. And all of this through the use of bots.

Did you know that facebook messenger marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience? With over 2 billion active users, facebook messenger is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. Contact Giantpartners today. We’ll help you create a facebook messenger marketing campaign that gets results.

Why You Need to Take Action NOW!

We’re now navigating through the rapidly changing business environments. It has now become more critical than ever to leverage the power of messaging platforms. Messenger makes growing and engaging your audience even more straightforward, and presenting offers more effective.

Since people have now shifted their attention from social media to various messaging platforms, it’s crucial that you adapt and cater to their changing needs.

People now expect to talk to businesses the way they talk to friends, and by mastering Messenger marketing, you’ll be able to give them exactly that.

Why do you need to act now?

Because Messenger marketing is still in its infancy and there’s plenty of scope for experimentation and growth.

I won’t be long until the floodgates open, and marketers rush in to try and take their slice of the pie.

Does that mean Messenger marketing is doomed to suffer the same fate as email marketing?

Probably, but that day is still quite far away.

Now is the chance for you to be one of the very few who can deliver an experience in a way that’s more personal than what your potential subscribers are used to. Miss out on this opportunity now and two years down the line, you’ll be the one left with regret.

3 High Converting Messenger Tips

How about you start by not “marketing” on Messenger, huh? Surprised?

Well, Messenger is, after all, a platform where people talk to their friends and family. So, direct marketing is a strict no-no. Your goal using Messenger is to create an engaging audience.

Here are the three key points you must remember when using Messenger as a marketing tool:

1) Let your subscriber take the lead in Messenger.

Go with the flow, let them steer the conversation at their own pace and time to build trust.

2) Use visuals to keep your subscribers engaged and avoid excessively pushy marketing language at all costs.

What did we talk about people using Messenger to communicate with their friends and family?

3) Over-deliver on value and craft a path for interaction and conversation.

The more information you gather better will be your advanced targeting.

Deliver Personalized Content Experiences

Businesses can use chatbots solely for content; the chatbots serve as an extension of their content marketing strategy.

These bots nurture relationships with clients and provide immediate value without any work on the user’s part.

For example, Whole Foods uses a chatbot helping users find new recipes.

They can enter requests like “soup recipes” to browse suggestions for different types of meals or cuisines or move through a series of questions for personalized recipes.

What are Messenger Funnels?

Think of ‘sales funnels,’ but only on Messenger.

A Messenger funnel is a mixture of messages your bot can send to the subscribers to get leads and “warm them up” to whatever you’re selling.

The purpose of the funnel is to make your subscriber familiar with your product or brand and remove any objections they might have from their minds.

The funnel should also come with a clear call to action that doesn’t mislead or confuse your audience.

Since Messenger has an open rate of 90%+, it almost guarantees you visibility and action because of how new and unique it is.

Because people are not used to being sold on this platform, it’s inevitable that they will follow your steps.

But the prime reason for Messenger funnel’s effectiveness is due to the fact that you’re presenting information when the users want it.

The timing makes all the difference!

Your message is delivered when people are already engaged and focused on Messenger. There’s no need to hope and pray that someone will ditch whatever they’re doing and respond, which is the case of sending emails. Create a funnel that provides high value and let the users control when they see the next piece of the content – we guarantee you’ll have better conversions. And the best part?

No more blasting people with unspecific emails.

The Rules of Messenger Funnels

One of the golden rules of marketing says that one should always keep in mind how users of a specific platform view, consume, and act there.

Without familiarity with people’s behavior, there is no way you can create a similar marketing setup and get your subscribers to act fast.

To create the most effective messages on a platform like Messenger, you have to bear in mind its eccentricities like these two:

1) People expect conversations: Because Messenger is a chat app, the best funnels are likely to be those that make the users feel they are a part of the discussion. Design your funnel in a way that makes people think as if they’re talking to a friend. When your message is easy to consume, you’ll get more conversions

2) People love interacting: Be it quizzes, questions, or just “follow the lead,” people love doing stuff. The more interactive your funnel, the more focus people will put into your bot. Just ask some easy questions and use the collected info to personalize follow-up messages. Keep these two rules in mind, and you will be creating better Messenger funnels in no time.

How to Craft the Ideal Conversations

Messenger marketing might be easy in theory, but can be incredibly difficult to put into practice UNLESS you know how to make conversation.

This isn’t real life where you get 1-on-1 time with a person; online, you’re competing with 10 or more factors that are vying for your target’s attention.

You have to fight against phone notifications, apps, scrolling through the Facebook feed or even external factors such as the television or music playing in the background.

To capture someone’s attention in Messenger, you have to make the funnel visual, engaging, and most importantly… brief.

You don’t want to make paragraphs in email length because people are just not used to reading so much, at the same time, on Messenger.

Ask yourself, “How would I convey this message if I were talking to a friend?”

You obviously wouldn’t go on typing paragraphs for sure.

The three elements you must leverage to make Messenger more effective are the following:

1) Brief texts

Always strive to keep your messages as brief as possible. Since your goal is to make it easy for your subscriber to read, short messages is the way to go. How? Because they can read it both inside of Messenger and the notification they get on their smartphone. Remember: no email-sized texts! If you must share content that doesn’t conform to this rule, it’s better to send your subscribers to the webpage or blog through a link. The chances of your message being read are much more in that case. You can force yourself to write shorter yet effective messages by switching the keyboard for a note app. Try it and let us know what you think!

2) Emojis

Using emojis is a great way to make conversations feel more fun. They’re easy to understand, visual in nature, and can grab attention. Most message creation platforms like ManyChat come with built-in to let you quickly insert a few into a funnel. And if you’re writing your funnel using a phone, there’s always the option to quickly switch to the emoji keyboard on your Android device or iPhone. Emojis also make highlighting and call-to-action easier. Since many people aren’t really used to text-based funnels, an emoji showing where to tap next certainly helps. You can experiment with different kinds of emojis and see what works best. They are an easy way to draw attention to what’s important.

3) Images and videos

You can present many different kinds of information through the use of images and videos in Messenger. Using these visual galleries, you can create highly engaging and easy to navigate experiences within Messenger. Galleries make it easier to portray a menu of information in a way that most people can understand. You can also organize links and show different parts of your bot the same way.

Messages portrayed through images and galleries should also be brief like texts, and this includes titles and descriptions. You can use emojis to shorten titles if they are too long.

Make a point to use videos and images whenever possible as well.

Try uploading some screenshots and images with text into the Messenger funnel and see how the full version of your picture opens up when someone taps on the images.

Hot tip: start a new Messenger funnel with a picture followed by your message to capture attention quickly.

But how do you go about making images when you’re not a graphics designer?

Easy! Just use free tools like Canva and WordSwag.

These websites offer both free and paid options to create exciting images ready to go on Facebook or Instagram. Use the premade templates, stock images, and unique fonts to cook up engaging images for your Messenger bots.

Oh! You’re going to need a computer or a laptop for this one.

How to Make your Content Messenger Friendly

Since your aim is to create Facebook Messenger experiences that drive subscribers to take action, you want to ensure that each piece of content is optimized correctly and tested.

Or else, you’ll encounter a lot of trouble later on.

Take this example for instance:

When you send links to documents and videos via Messenger, the content opens up to your subscribers on the Messenger browser only.

This doesn’t pose to be a problem if you want your content to be just seen.

But what are your subscribers supposed to do if they feel the need to bookmark or download from your link?

It’s absolutely crucial that you find out a way to share content that makes it easier for subscribers to revisit later.

One of the best ways to do this would be by using landing pages for lead magnets.

Give your subscribers the chance to view the file directly on Facebook Messenger and also visit the landing page to keep a copy of the file on their device in exchange for their email address.

This way you’ll not only boost engagement but grow your email list substantially.

Know Your Subscribers Better with Interactive Messenger bots

Interactive Messenger bots, when used correctly, can help you understand your subscribers better and make them more engaging.

Didn’t we tell you how useful chatting can be when your bot answers your subscriber’s pain points?

Well, you can do this by subtly layering questions in your Messenger funnel.

To keep the conversation flowing naturally, try adding the question at the end of a funnel stage so that your subscriber can move onto the next one without breaking pattern.

But wait

You’ll also have to ensure that the subscriber gets to answer the questions easily. Do this by giving them an option to answer with a message or by tapping a button.

This simple step will help you gather data from the audience in autopilot mode.

Here are a few ideas on which you can base the questions:

1) Your subscriber’s struggles and challenges

2) Their current level of knowledge on a certain topic

3) Any feedback they might have for your business

4) Their contact details, email address, etc.

5) What’s the reward they would deem appropriate for taking action on your ideas

Segment Your Subscribers for Easier management and Better Conversion

Segmenting and qualifying qualifying are two of the most important processes of marketing, and it helps discover your ideal audience.

Being a nifty little tool that it is, the Messenger bot can help you segment your “similar” subscribers into separate groups.

How does it do it?

By giving you the ability to add tags. Yes, every person your bot interacts within Messenger leaves behind valuable data through their answers that helps bucketing or lead segmentation.

Once your audience is segmented, your bot can target different people using different funnels and different messages that are relevant to them.

Makes sense?

After all, there’s nothing such as “one shoe that fits all.”

And the Messenger bot gets that!

Take this as an example:

Let’s say that you are a vegan nutritionist and you’re on the lookout for more clients might entertain the possibility of going vegan.

You can use your Messenger bot to give your prospective clients a free challenge on how to eat healthier.

Throughout the funnel, your Messenger bot can ask many questions.

Let’s say for example your bot asks them how much they know about vegan diets.

Depending on their answers, your bot will send an entry-level vegan diet regime (free) to those who aren’t aware of veganism and offer a low-cost nutrition consulting session with you for those who are already vegan and want to improve their diet.

This is a typical example of a segmenting process.

When done right, this will not only boost your engagement but will also increase conversions because they are getting offers that are the most irrelevant to their needs.

You can use a tool like ManyChat to create tags and segment users based on their responses and follow up with custom messages using Sequences.

Functions and other platforms will be different; it goes without saying.

Here are some examples of how you can leverage segmentation to the maximum:

For coaches and consultants:

Qualify leads, deliver content, book appointments, follow-up with clients, drive traffic to a website.

For entrepreneurs:

Deliver a lead magnet, link to a Facebook group, challenges, notify the subscribers of new content, and answer questions.

E-commerce and retail:

Display pictures of products, information, prices, discounts, show locations, time of sales, and updates on new products.

Real estate business:

Qualified leads, schedule showings, generate leads from listings, show listings, and open house.


Show menu and contact information, send coupons, offer links to order online and have the food delivered.

Health and wellness:

Book appointments, offer tips and updates, offer educational courses, show location and business hours.

“Simplicity” is the Word of the Day

The more straightforward you keep your funnel, more effective will be its results.

No matter whichever industry you’re in, your aim should be to grow your subscriber list as fast as possible. Aside from generating opportunities, it will also help you boost engagement.

Experimenting is the key to pretty much all success in marketing, so don’t forget to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to get the desired results.

What your intentions are for your business doesn’t matter! You can even start an agency that sells high-converting Messenger bots.

As long as your funnel is sorted, the directions you can take with bots are endless.

Getting More Subscribers Using Growth Tools

Since Facebook only allows a Messenger bot to send marketing and promotional materials to subscribers, it’s crucial that you figure out how to get them quickly.

Spamming is a strict no-no; what you can do instead is creating interactive sequences that attract people. Your number one priority is to enroll people in the correct sequences and build up the subscriber list in the process.

But what exactly are growth tools?

Well, a “growth tool” can be best defined as a strategy that brings people into a funnel of your choosing.

Messenger Bot Features Explained

1) Messenger ‘Get Started’ Button

Find this button on your business’s Facebook page. This button lets the people who like your page get direct access to the bot and utilize its features. You have to set this feature up in order to allow your page to send and receive messages. Once the setup is done, your subscribers will be greeted with a welcome message of your choosing. Note: you cannot use the ‘Get Started’ button to make people join in specific funnels or anything else to that effect. This is just for the welcome message.

2) Messenger Buttons

Messenger buttons can connect your audience to specific flows and can only be displayed on websites. You need to install a specific script for them to appear. Messenger buttons work great for establishing credibility because your subscribers can see your real Facebook name and picture. Messenger buttons also give you the ability to create customized landing pages for capturing more subscribers.

3) Messenger URL links

More often than not, you’ll use Messenger URL links that allows anyone to create custom Messenger URLs ( that can be embedded and shared pretty much anywhere. This is perhaps the easiest way to leverage bots for marketing. You can create custom URLs for any funnel or flow to automatically segment users to certain sequences and engage with your bot. Messenger URLs are so useful that you can use them on your website, Facebook profile, email campaigns, or even in a comment.

4) Messenger landing pages

Using a Messenger bot creation tool like ManyChat, you can create incredibly effective landing pages effortlessly. You can edit the design and copy, connect them to any flow, with Messenger button placed strategically to collect the opt-ins. The best part is that you don’t even need a website to make it work. Landing pages, when done right, can be extraordinarily high converting.

5) Facebook Comment-to-Message Posts

Comment-to-Message Posts is perhaps one of the easiest and non-invasive ways to introduce your Messenger bot and boost visibility via engaging comments.

Even setting up feature is easy and all you have to do the following steps:

a) Select a post on Facebook that already exists

b) Select the specific trigger comments and words that will set off the bot

Yep! In just two steps you can prepare the bot to send messages to anyone who uses the trigger. Following this method will allow you to increase subscribers and make your brand more known in social media circles. Your organic reach will also get a boost from Facebook once the post starts to receive more comments. However, there is a challenge you must overcome to execute this plan – get people through a double opt-in. Unlike Messenger buttons and Messenger URLs, this feature sends the automated message is a copy of your post and not the post itself. Your subscriber will need to type the trigger again, and this may get a bit confusing for some people.

6) Facebook Messenger Ads Paid Messenger ads are a great way to attract entirely new people join your tribe or just be aware of your brand. Connect your bot to an Ad grow your subscriber list rapidly, and without putting a dent in your wallet too.

Caution: Only execute this strategy if you are experienced enough in using Facebook ads, and know when to implement the exit strategy. The two types of ads you can create are the following:

a) Traffic:

Optimize your ad to reach as many people as possible, increasing the chances of getting more clicks.

b) Messages:

You can also optimize the ad to be more visible to people more likely to message and interact with your bot. To find out what works and what doesn’t, it’s best to try out both and which fetches the most leads and engagement levels.

Features of a High-converting Messenger Funnel

Now that you have some idea how to attract new subscribers to funnel let’s discuss what you need to do to create one for yourself. We did a lot of research and found that the best Messenger funnels are those that offer extraordinary value and keep engaging the subscriber depending on their current place in the buying journey. When building your first Messenger bot funnel, be sure to include its ODC funnel framework that we mentioned before. Relax; we’re not going to leave you guessing what ODC means. Keep on reading to find out more.

Opt-in, Deliver, Call-to-Action (ODC) Framework

All your funnels have to be built on the ODC framework to maximize their chances of success. The function of each of these steps is the following:

a) Opt-in: You have to offer something to your audience to sign them in as a subscriber. It only makes sense that there will be an exchange of value. Be sure to conform to Facebook guidelines when trying to get an opt-in.

b) Deliver: Your second message should deliver what you offered in the first message. You can do this either by sending files through Messenger itself or redirect traffic to a website.

c) Call-to-Action: Once your second message has been delivered, follow it up immediately with a specific question to segment your customers based on their responses.

What’s the use?

You can then broadcast messages specific to their interests in the future. Lead generation is a systematic process where you only have a split second to catch your audience’s attention. The ODC framework acts as a baseline of how funnels should be. It’s easy to remember and allows you to offer value and qualified leads systematically. You can provide custom funnel experiences when you have highly engaged and segmented leads – there lies the key to ultimate growth! Your goal is to capitalize on the split-second of attention and get your subscribers to take action that connects them to an offer.

10 Strategies to Supercharge Your Conversion Rates

You want to generate more leads with Messenger bots, but don’t know how. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. We’ve got 10 simple ideas that you can tweak and modify to suit your business.

1) Using a coupon – Send coupons via Messenger for your product or service – Direct the customers to a landing page or anywhere that establishes credibility – Encourage them to share for bonuses

2) Through a challenge – Create a challenge that gives your subscribers what they want for doing something – Give them a reward, such as a freebie, coupon, discount, etc. at the end – Gather social proof by sharing the results in a Facebook group or through your account

3) Using a Guide or eBook – Upload a guide or an eBook into your Messenger bot and use it as a lead magnet – Urge your subscribers to check out the material and the segment them in different sequences – Follow up with a query about their struggles regarding whatever problem you are e-book or guide is meant to solve

4) Newsletter – Send the latest updates directly via Messenger – Include a link that takes your subscriber to a blog post or webpage to check out more info – Schedule all your updates in a sequence well in advance to save time

5) Using a mini course – Give away course material, be it written content or videos, in your Messenger directly – You may also provide supporting material by adding a Messenger bot that answers common questions or offers additional value

6) Gaming – Give your subscribers a game with multiple paths and different endings where they can choose their own adventure – Reward your subscribers when they reach a certain point or complete an objective – Urge them to share the game with friends and family

7) Quizzes – Layout fundamental questions in a certain way to provide predetermined answers to questions – The easiest way would be to give direct feedback as soon as your subscriber answers a question

8) Podcasts – Make your upcoming podcast episode announcements using Messenger bots and link to view or download it – Encourage the viewers to respond with comments to boost engagement

9) Raffle – Enter your subscribers into a raffle and reward someone randomly who opts in to your sequence – Direct anybody that enters your sequence into taking action to collect their email ids or present an offer

10) Webinar reminder – Utilize sequences to send out automated reminders about your upcoming live webinar – Follow-up people who watched or missed the webinar afterwards with a call-to-action

FUN is the Secret of a Winner Formula

No effort is worth your time, if you’re not having fun. You already know there are endless ways to grow a business and using Messenger bots is just one of them. No matter what industry you’re in, you can find ways to engage and interact with potential customers. Success, however, may or may not come in your first attempt. Don’t be surprised, or disappointed. Keep changing the variables and testing different methods to find out what clicks. Keep things simple and get increasingly familiar with how Messenger bots work. The goal is to keep moving; not strike gold on the very first try.



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