Jalapeño Margarita: How to Spice up Your Marketing Data List With Data Mixology


Nowadays, marketing data lists are essential for marketing success. A marketing data list can help you keep track of your marketing efforts and make sure that you’re reaching your target audience.

However, a marketing data list can also be a little boring. To mix things up, consider using data mixology. Data mixology is the art of adding different types of data to your marketing data list to create a more comprehensive picture of your target audience.

For example, you might add demographic data, psychographic data, and behavior data to your marketing data list. This will help you create a more complete picture of your target audience and allow you to better tailor your marketing efforts.

So, how do you go about adding different types of data to your marketing data list?

Welcome to Data Mixology by Giant Partners. Happy Cinco de Mayo! My name is Jesse, your Data Mixologist, here to give you some straight-up data science. I wanted to share with you my favorite spicy margarita recipe – The Jalapeño Margarita. In the video below, I’ll walk you through spicing up your data list with demographic and psychographic appends as we work on our bartending skills together. Follow along with me to create the perfect Jalapeño Margarita and the perfect database, just in time for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Jalapeño Margarita Ingredients:

Orange Liqueur
Simple Syrup

Let’s mix a Jalapeño Margarita!

Watch our Cinco de Mayo episode of Data Mixology Below

Starting Strong

First of all, your main ingredient in this cocktail recipe is tequila which represents our database standardization. When it comes to data lists, you have to make sure you start with a good base as well. This means a well-scrubbed list, meaning standardize your list and run a hygiene check to ensure correctness and quality across the board.

Freshen It Up

Our second ingredient is lime, which represents a contact append. Contact appends are used to freshen up your data list. Adding a contact append includes adding emails, contacts, and phone numbers. Through this, we’re adding on other ways of contacting your clients or prospects.

Demographic Zest

The third ingredient for your jalapeño margarita is an orange liqueur to make the drink lighter and brighter, with a stronger citrus aroma. To brighten up the data list with more specific information about your audience you can add demographic appends. Demographic information can be anything from education, income, marital status, and employment. Demographic appends allow us to add some zest to your data list.

List Sweetener

Our fourth ingredient is simple syrup, which will help sweeten the deal for your data list. The simple syrup represents business appends. Business data changes constantly. Contacts may leave, change domain, or move premises so we want to have accurate and updated information.

A Spicy Data List

Lastly, we’re going to add jalapeños and include some psychographic and lifestyle appends. This is what will really give a kick to your data list.

Grab a Drink with Giant Partners

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