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Secret 1 – Seed Your Database

Lists are at the heart of marketing. The best databases include current and accurate name, email, phone, address and job title information for potential customers. Seed lists can be hyper targeted by demographics:

  • Age, gender and ethnicity
  • Geography
  • Occupation and finances
  • Health

Tip: Analyze which list components are highest performing and then target matching personas. The most effective marketing teams are in a constant state of buying, growing, cleaning and appending prospect data to their list.

90% of sales prospects should have accurate contact information for a list to be considered healthy.

Secret 2 – Promote Free Content

Free content is what starts the sales cycle and fuels brand awareness. The goal of content creation is to become a trusted, online thought leader within your market and industry. Popular types of digital content include:

  • Infographics and ebooks
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Surveys, tutorials and calendars
  • Video testimonials and case studies

Tip: The more you tailor your content, the better it will perform to your audience. Ask prospects to provide their email so that you can send them your free content. This converts prospects into marketing qualified leads (mqls).

75% or more of B2B sales opportunities should be created from marketing qualified leads.

Secret 3 – Drip Your Email

Sending email to subscribers is all about deliverablity. The goal of email marketing is avoid the junk folder and get prospects to click your link. To guarantee that you send high-performing voluminous email blasts:

  • Send from your own subdomain (warmed up)
  • Drip your email over time (hours-days-weeks)
  • Monitor bounces and direct complaints closely
  • Send email variations and use a/b testing

Tip: Boost clicks by re-sending a variation of your email to those who receive it but do not open it. For maximum response rates, email should be sent from both business and individual names with personalized fields in the subject and body.

33% or more of your leads should result from ongoing email marketing to targeted lists.

Secret 4 – Use Lookalike Audiences

Leverage your email list to target your prospects on facebook. When you implement multi-channel digital marketing you increase the opportunity for a prospect to convert into a lead. Effective social digital marketing strategies include:

  • Compelling calls-to-action
  • Art, photo and video ads
  • Impression, click and conversion campaigns
  • Messenger marketing integration

Tip: Create different lookalike audiences based on where leads are in your sales funnel. To drive the lowest cpc, run ad variations for a test period and then run the best performing ad for the remainder of your spend.

400% more of your prospects will convert into a digital marketing lead if you implement a multi channel digital marketing strategy.

Secret 5 – Set Up Messenger Bot

Create a unique messaging experience with your prospects. Set up a series of questions and answers that appear when people interact with your chat bot. Facebook Messenger is a new channel to promote your brand and products. There are easy ways to get messenger subscribers:

  • Comment on a post or click a link
  • Click on a social media ad
  • Check a box on a form or chat on your website

Tip: Run a contest that prospects can only enter by interacting with your messaging bot. Boost future promotions by leveraging real-time facebook messaging to your subscribers.

90% or more of messages will be seen by your Facebook messenger subscribers.

Secret 6 – Outreach to Influencers

Empower social media and web influencers to share your content on their platform to promote their brand. In return, influencers will link back to your website. This is the absolute best way to drive organic search traffic. For best results your content should be tailored for:

  • Trending topics
  • Popular search terms
  • Specific audiences

Tip: Convert your most popular content into evergreen pages with more free content and offers. The best way to drive long-term leads is a constant flow of exceptional content that your network of influencers are excited to share.

50% or more of the search traffic on your website should come from evergreen content.

Secret 7 – Real Time Reporting

Ensure that you reach your goals by making on-the-fly adjustments to your strategy based on real-time data. It is vital to digital marketing campaign success that your team is able to scale up what is working and scale down what is not. Be sure to measure the performance of:

  • Email (Opens, clicks and A/B test results)
  • Website traffic (Visits and conversions)
  • Sales funnel (MQL > SQL > Customer)

Tip: Analytics matter if they help you make decisions. Don’t bother with superfluous numbers and charts. The best way to drive long-term leads is a constant flow of exceptional content that your network of influencers are excited to share.

25% or more of your monthly sales totals should result from marketing automation.

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