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Digital Marketing for Lead Generation

The Top 5 Ways Digital Marketing for Lead Generation Can Drive More Leads for Your Sales Team!

A lead is a potential buyer who…

  1. Is interested in your product
  2. Is qualified to make decisions
  3. Has a budget to spend

Increase business by nurturing connections between your leads and sales team.



1. Benefits of Digital Marketing for Lead Generation for Your Website and Social Media Channels

Your website, social media networks, and video channels must be configured correctly for effective digital marketing. When people interact with your brand, it is essential that you have a consistent look and message with a clear value proposition.

Did you know?
Most consumers find products on google, hear about offers on social media, and make decisions based on short videos.



2. Create Compelling Digital Marketing Content to Give Away to Prospects

Consumers want to try products before they buy and make decisions based on their own opinions. It is paramount that you provide your prospects an easy way to interact with your brand in a way that doesn’t have a price tag.

Did you know?
The goal of content strategy is to position your company as a trusted thought leader within your market and industry.



3. Use Digital Marketing to Promote Across Email, Social Media and Messaging

Consumers are 4x more likely to respond to a call-to-action when they are engaged via multiple touchpoints. Successful digital marketing campaigns tailor promotions for each channel, personalize communications, and make content easy to share.

Did you know?
Integrated outreach across email, social media, and messaging connects with boomers, genx and millennial consumers.



4. Digital Marketing Helps You Capture Lead Data

Digital Marketing software with automation allows you to capture prospect information and target them directly. The goal of lead nurturing is to put the consumer in the drivers seat as they move down the sales funnel.

Did you know?
Software like Hubspot, Active Campaign, and MailChimp can send email, make posts, and track results in real-time.



5. Implement Incentives to Create a Sense of Urgency

Share time-sensitive discounts, programs, and guarantees that your prospects cannot resist. The ultimate goal of any sales process is to drive a first purchase, then a second larger purchase, and then recurring purchases.

Did you know?
The most effective sales strategies empower consumers to become online ambassadors for your brand and products.



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