After you complete each crash course be sure to click the  GET CREDIT  button (which appears a few seconds after each video completes). Once you finish the entire training series you will receive a 4-Star Genius Digital Marketing Certification that you can add to your Linkedin profile.


Crash Course 101: Data Secrets for Lead Generation (6:11)

In this short video you will learn the top three data secrets for lead generation including: 1—Building Your Perfect Customer List (Your TAM), 2—Uploading Custom Audience Lists to Ad Managers, and 3—Crafting a Compelling Call-to-Action.

Crash Course 102: Building Perfect Customer Lists (6:21)

In this short video you will learn how to identify and build a perfect customer list that represents your Total Addressable Market. This TAM will contain up to date contact information for every possible customer (B2C or B2B) for your product or service.

Crash Course 103: Custom Audiences Ready for Ad Manager Upload (5:58)

In this short video you will learn how to create custom audience lists that can be uploaded into web search, social media, and email marketing platforms. These lists guarantee lead quality and decrease lead costs by 50%.

Crash Course 104: Call-to-Action that Converts (4:26)

In this short video you will learn how to implement a call-to-action strategy that drives maximum conversions across each digital marketing channel. This CTA strategy will include a combination of: 1—Free Resource Downloads, 2—Limited Time Opportunities, and 3—Free Demo Requests.


Crash Course 201: Thought Leadership Matters (7:33)

In this short video you will learn best practices for creating the three most effective types of content for thought leadership. These include: Raw Videos (How To’s, Vlogs, Teasers), Infographics (Tips, Secrets, Hacks), and 3—Ebooks (Guides, Tutorials, Schematics).

Crash Course 202: Live Webinars… Just Do It (5:41)

In this short video you will learn the top three tips for producing world class webinars for lead generation. These tips include: 1—Pick Trending Topics (Based on Search, Season and Site Results), 2—Pre-Record with Live Chat and Live Q/A, and 3—Re-Purpose Recorded Content Everywhere (Evergreen Pages, Case Studies, Ads and Landing Pages).

Crash Course 203: Real SEO that Works (7:36)

In this short video you will learn the most effective SEO techniques that result in an increase in long term organic search traffic, conversions and sales. These instructions include: 1—Evergreen Page Management, 2—Influencer Outreach (Bloggers, Writers, Celebrities), and 3—Linkbacks (Authoritative Websites, Social Media, News Outlets).

Crash Course 204: Social Proof is Everything! (6:27)

In this short video you will learn how and why social proof is everything when it comes to driving leads and sales. The three best practices discussed for social proof generation, management and promotion include: 1—Personal Videos (Recorded on Smartphones by Customers), 2—Third Party Review Site Management (Yelp, Google, Social Media), and 3—Case Studies.


Crash Course 301: Game Plan for Multi-Channel Marketing (6:02)

In this short video you will learn how to simultaneously target lead prospects across the four main digital marketing channels: 1—Email Marketing (Company and Personal), 2—Social Media Advertising (Videos, Images, Chat Bot), 3—Web Search and Retargeting (Google Results, YouTube Ads, Banner Networks), and Text Messaging. This technique increases conversion rates 400%.

Crash Course 302: Email Essentials for Maximum Deliverability and Clicks (7:38)

In this short video you will learn email essentials that will result in more deliverability, opens and clicks. More specifically you will learn how to design your emails (company and personal) for maximum conversions while ensuring that your messages reach inboxes and don’t go into spam.

Crash Course 303: Social Media Secrets for Exponential Engagement (6:22)

In this short video you will learn the top four social media secrets for exponential engagement of your perfect customer list. These secrets include: 1—Targeting Custom Audiences (Income, Health, Education, Politics, Credit Score, Home Value, Children and More!), 2—Targeting Interest Groups (Likes, Follows and Groups), 3—ABC Testing Your Call-to-Action, and 4—Using Facebook Lead Forms (which increase lead volume 4X).

Crash Course 304: Google Advertising Guarantee… Cracking the Code (5:30)

In this short video you will learn how to guarantee that your Google Advertising Campaign delivers quality leads at the lowest possible Cost-Per-Lead (CPL). This techniques includes: 1—Targeting Custom Audiences (Lower CPL 50% and Guarantee Quality), 2—Use Retargeting Pixel (Show Display Ads and YouTube Commercials until conversion), and 3—Target Niche Keywords with Custom Landing Pages.

Crash Course 305: Text Messaging Tactics That Can’t Be Ignored (4:29)

In this short video you will learn text messaging tactics that will ensure that your communications will not be ignored. These tactics include: 1—Sending First Person Communications, 2—Sending Reminders, Updates and Alerts, and 3—Following the 3-to-1 Rule (Always send three pieces of compelling content before asking for a financial transaction). Unlike any other channel text messages have a 98% read rate.

Crash Course 306: Messenger Marketing… The Wild Wild West (5:24)

In this short video you will learn how Facebook Messenger Marketing can work for your company. First you will learn how to gain subscribers in your messenger thread (click ad, reply post, form submission). Second you will learn how to automate communications with a chat bot (Q/A, Survey, Appointment Setting). Third you will learn how to send ongoing text message style communications that reach the lock screen of a subscriber smartphones. Amazingly subscribers can be gained for $1 each and content is unregulated.


Crash Course 401: Inbound Lead Logistics: Landing Pages, Lead Forms and Lead Distribution (6:50)

In this short video you will learn best practices for capturing inbound leads with landing pages (Reinforce CTA, Secure/Mobile, Embed Pixel, Track Analytics) and lead forms (Required Fields, Short, Custom Button). Once a lead is captured lead distribution must be fast, intelligent and elegant.

Crash Course 402: Speed-to-Lead for 10X Connection Increase (#1 Video) (9:05)

In this short video you will learn how to ensure a 5 minute or less follow up time for inbound leads. The three most important techniques that ensure speed-to-lead include: 1—Auto-Assign Rules and Automations, 2—Speedy Call Back from Local Number, and 3—Call Schedule (Day 1, Day 2, Day 4, Day 7). Leads called back within 5 minutes are 10X more likely to connect. This is the most important training video for sales teams!

Crash Course 403: Return-on-Investment Accurate and Effective Calculation (3:47)

In this short video you will learn how to accurately measure and forecast Return-on-Investment for digital marketing campaigns. 1—Revenues, 2—Sales Cycle, 3—Recurring Revenues, and 4—Churn (Cancelations/Refunds) must all be included when calculating results. You will also learn how Lists, Content and Channels can all be adjusted/iterated/optimized to maximize long term revenues.

Crash Course 404: Sales and Marketing Feedback Loop for Pivotal Optimizations (6:14)

In this short video you will learn how to ensure that sales organizations give the pivotal feedback needed for marketing teams to succeed. 1—Contact Rates, 2—Opportunities Created, and 3—Deals Closed are of monumental importance. #1 Tip: Every month all closed deal data (Name, Email, Phone, Biz Name) needs to be imported back into marketing platforms to identify the true source of revenue. Don’t trust the passing of lead source data into your Sales CRM as 100% accurate… It will always have a significant margin of error.


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