Targeting High-Value Consumers: How to Market to Luxury Facebook Audiences


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Are you looking to target luxury Facebook audiences? You may have already researched and discovered that social media can make a significant difference in finding the right audiences. But do you know how to get the most out of your Facebook campaigns when targeting these consumers?

Let’s uncover which types of Facebook audiences are best suited for luxury brands and strategies that will help you ensure your marketing campaigns hit their mark. So, get ready: it’s time to explore the ins and outs of successfully targeting elite Facebook users!

Best Facebook Audiences for Luxury Products

Facebook’s massive user base makes it an excellent platform for businesses to reach potential customers. However, not all audiences are equal, especially for high-value and luxury products. This blog post will guide you through the best luxury Facebook audiences to target.

Facebook Ad Manager Strategies

Let’s dive into Facebook Ad Manager to see what audiences are available to target the luxury consumer market. Within the Ad Manager, you have Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads, but we’ll focus on Ad Sets specifically since that’s where you select your audiences.

Let’s focus on the US market, although other high-level audiences may be available in other countries. The wealthy consumer typically falls in the 35-40 age range and above, with a steady income and often with families.

Next, let’s explore the interests available for targeting. Facebook offers a pre-selected audience called ‘high net worth individuals’ under the business and finance category, with approximately six to seven million users. Other suggested audiences, such as luxury goods, first-class travel, and free international travel, are also based on users’ interests, behaviors, and pages they’ve interacted with.

When selecting interests to target, Facebook analyzes user behaviors such as website visits, engagement with certain posts, and what topics they engage with, such as air travel, lodging, vehicles, and luxury goods. Facebook also suggests targeting job titles that are most likely high income, such as owner, manager, CEO, or business owner. They even suggest watercraft and luxury yachts since those who purchase boats often have high incomes.

Facebook offers a plethora of options for targeting the luxury consumer market through their Ad Manager. Take advantage of the suggested audiences and interests, as well as the user behaviors that Facebook tracks to achieve successful luxury consumer audience targeting.

Location of Target Facebook Audience

One of the first things to consider is the target audience’s location. In the US, the wealthy consumer market is generally aged 35 to 40 and above, with some income and likely to have children. Facebook has a pre-selected model audience called “High Net Worth Individuals,” which is a good starting point.

For luxury goods, targeting high-value zip codes in the US is another excellent way to reach the desired audience. Non-US countries also offer audiences interested in high-value goods. However, targeting luxury people on Facebook is quite limited, so a better tactic for reaching a luxury consumer audience involves laser-targeting with data.

Facebook Audience Behaviors

Besides, luxury goods, first-class travel, and free international travel are some of the suggested interests based on behaviors such as visiting certain websites with the Facebook pixel on them or interacting with certain posts. Other suggested interests include air travel, lodging, vehicles, luxury goods, and job titles such as owner, manager, CEO, or business owner.

Data companies like ListGiant offer data lists of thousands of luxury consumers that you can use to target wealthy people in the US. The data lists include factors like estimated income, net worth, completed education level, college, home value, credit cards, and interests like real estate investing, environmental causes, and more.

How to use Facebook Audience Lists

To use the lists on Facebook, you can upload them to the Ad Manager and select them in the custom audience section. This tactic is a terrific way to have a multi-channel approach to your marketing. By uploading the same list on different platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok, you can reach your audience faster and more efficiently.

Reaching the right luxury audience on Facebook is crucial for businesses selling high-value products. The suggested Facebook audiences to target include high-net-worth individuals, interests like luxury goods, first-class travel, and free international travel. Targeting high-value zip codes in the US and non-US countries also offers an excellent way to reach your desired audience. However, a better tactic for laser-targeting luxury consumers involves data lists from data-driven organizations like ListGiant. By uploading the lists to the Ad Manager and other platforms, businesses can reach their target audience faster and more efficiently.

Having a concrete plan with precise goals can help guide your path to a successful campaign that’ll reach the right people. So don’t wait any longer and create a strategy to take your Facebook campaigns to new heights! If you’re looking for even more data-driven content like this, be sure to subscribe and keep track of our blog posts!



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