AI vs. Humans: Could Your Job Be at Risk?


AI take over jobs

For years, it has been predicted that automation and artificial intelligence will take over our jobs. As digital marketers, we know firsthand how technology is revolutionizing various industries. From predictive analytics to machine learning algorithms, AI applications are already playing a significant role in businesses around the globe – but as AI continues to evolve, could our jobs be at risk? The debate is becoming increasingly urgent as automation advancements occur faster than ever. Let’s unpack this heated topic and explore what might lie ahead for modern digital marketers.

Meet AI: ChatGPT

One of the most exciting developments in the world of AI right now is ChatGPT, and it’s not just GPT3 anymore. There’s a new player in town, ChatGPT 4, and it’s poised to take the world by storm.

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence software capable of producing human-like language and communication. Although limited to the knowledge it has been trained in, it is still a powerful tool that can help individuals and businesses alike. In this article, we will explore the potential impact of Chat GPT on the job market and the economy.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

You can input a question or prompt into the chat box, and it will generate a response based on the data it has collected. It can even help you write blog articles or craft content with ease.

And that’s not all. The ChatGPT-AI connection with Open AI is a game-changer, and tools like Jasper use it to create stunning designs in real-time. Simply input a prompt and watch as the artificial intelligence generates variations based on your input. You can make adjustments and iterations until it looks exactly how you want it to look. It’s absolutely incredible.

And don’t even get me started on the AI imagery. It’s simply mind-blowing. This technology runs on the Discord server, making it accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.


Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic in recent years, with people wondering if it will take their jobs. One such variation is through OpenAI, which has a tool called DALL-E that helps create images from prompts. With the right prompts and iterations, you can create incredible designs using this technology.

Plenty of resources are available for creating prompts to get the most out of automation. On YouTube, you can find tons of videos on how to use it to its fullest potential. Additionally, prompt examples are available on GitHub, such as those for acting as a composer, debater, coach, screenwriter, or movie critic. If you’re looking to be a stand-up comic, you can even use it to write a five-minute comedy routine for your next show.

But the question remains: will AI take jobs, and how will it affect people at work in advertising and marketing, specifically?

Will AI Take Our Jobs?

While AI may replace some jobs in advertising and marketing, it will also allow marketers and advertisers to produce more content, websites, designs, and more. The output expectation will be higher, so instead of having three to five marketers, you may only need one or two to produce the same amount of content.

Throughout history, new technological developments tend to create new jobs as quickly as they make old jobs redundant. The jobs created by new technology are often more technical, creative, and highly skilled, meaning they are higher paying and more rewarding. If you’re really good at using automation tools, you’ll be paid more because you’re doing the job of multiple people.

It’s not just advertising and marketing that will be affected by artificial intelligence. Education, finance, and software engineering are also industries that will see changes due to this technology.

For example, New York City schools have already banned ChatGPT because it can write research papers, solve problems, and more. In finance, you can use artificial intelligence to act like Warren Buffet and invest in stocks that you think he would invest in. In software engineering, artificial intelligence can even produce code and write scripts for you to complete certain tasks.

While artificial intelligence will bring changes to many industries, it’s important to remember that it will create new opportunities and higher-paying jobs. With the right skills, you can use modern AI to your advantage and thrive in this new technological landscape.

AI Impact on Journalism

One area where ChatGPT has the potential to make a significant impact in journalism. While it may not yet have the ability to produce on-topic content or keep up with current events, it has proven itself to be a skilled writer. It can also create high-quality graphics and designs quickly and efficiently, making it a valuable tool for graphic designers who can use it to produce more content and variations quickly.

In terms of job replacement, ChatGPT will likely replace some jobs, particularly those that involve repetitive or mundane tasks. For example, it can already produce basic email writing and mid-level content and create headlines and ad copy. It can also handle legal functions, such as generating common legal forms and documents. This can free-up human employees to focus on more complex and strategic tasks.

However, Chat GPT is not necessarily a job destroyer. It can potentially create new jobs in AI development, data analysis, and content creation. As more businesses and individuals adopt the technology, there will likely be an increased demand for those with expertise in working with it.

AI on Language Translation

Another area where ChatGPT can have a significant impact is language translation. It can quickly and accurately translate text into multiple languages, making it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals who operate in multilingual environments.

Ultimately, it can help individuals and businesses become more efficient and productive. Those willing to adapt and learn how to use machine learning AI will likely be more successful in their careers and businesses. As the machine learning economy continues to evolve, we can expect more tools like ChatGPT to emerge, creating new opportunities for innovation and growth.

ChatGPT Versions

Microsoft’s investment of $10 billion in AI indicates the technology’s growing importance. Since its release, the AI language model GPT-3 has gained over a million users in just five days, indicating the rapid adoption of automation tools. Technology has the potential to create new jobs and businesses, drive economic sustainability, and foster innovation in education, science, and entrepreneurship.

Businesses have already started leveraging artificial intelligence to increase their productivity and profitability. Tools such as copywriting, digital media content, SEO, email, and presentation generators are available, with some being free while others are paid. For instance, the Jasper tool is a popular AI tool that produces copy and imagery at high speeds, making it ideal for advertising, emails, data analysis, and research.

Although there is much hype about the upcoming ChatGPT 4, with rumors that it will have 100 trillion data points, the CEO of Microsoft has downplayed these claims. However, technology will undoubtedly continue to improve, and output and capabilities will continue to grow in future generations. The future of AI looks promising, and businesses should embrace it to stay competitive.

In conclusion, AI is here to stay, and businesses that want to stay competitive should embrace the technology as soon as possible. And AI isn’t our enemy – it’s here to increase the strength of our arsenal. With the availability of various artificial intelligence tools, businesses can increase productivity and profitability and drive innovation across various industries.

So, let’s put aside our apprehension and dive into all that AI offers. After all, why limit ourselves when technology can move us forward? It’s time that we take advantage of this incredible tool and open up new possibilities for growth. We look forward to witnessing what future advancements will bring forth – one thing is certain: the data-driven revolution is coming. Are you ready for it? To stay up to date with exciting content about the term artificial intelligence, be sure to subscribe for more GiantPartners data-driven content!



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